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  • Carry-In Servcice: 

    after agreement

  • Hardware disposal/Recycling:

    WEEE conform on national and European standards. 
  • Installationsservice: Products:

    e.g.. PCs, Notebooks, Cash systems, KIOSK systems including instruction
  • Maintenance service:

    Also re-tool, upgrade of all products possible
  • Network engineering:

    The focal point is the consulting key account industry in sight of planning, finishing and maintenance of network topological infrastructures. Our specializing is based on three physical architectures – copper (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 ). Fibre-optics ( Singlemode, Multimode ) and WLAN enviroments.
  • On Site Service:

     Products: e.g.. PC, Notebook, Cash systems, KIOSK systems
  • PURR Service:

    Products: e.g. PC, Notebook, TFT Monitor, GPS systems
  • Roll out:

    For all IT products. With our national and European network ( EMEA-IT Group ) we’re mostly capable to fulfill your demands
  • Small part shipment:

    send out of IT products to your customer. Pre-exchange also possible.
  • Swap Service:

    Products after agreement